About Yana London

YANA LONDON is a lifestyle and cosmetics brand that celebrates and inspires confidence and elegance.

YANA LONDON is a lifestyle of creativity, expression, class and functionality, providing Makeup for Brown Skin, Perfume and Lifestyle products.

Our philosophy

The YANA LONDON collection features timeless beauty products including unforgettable and captivating fragrances, as well as functional classic Makeup that has been carefully designed to become essential in every woman’s makeup collection.

YANA LONDON is the life you live, the statement you make and a representation of who you are.  Born with passion and ambition to express themselves unapologetically and to be fiercely bold in a world full of choices, now one of them is yours.

The timeless collection offers products that are easy to wear, effortless, essential cosmetics that promise to be high performing, reliable and long lasting for the modern woman who is thriving and leading an empowered lifestyle.

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